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Why it is important to invest in hiking poles

Why it is important to invest in hiking poles

Why it is important to invest in hiking poles, and how they can make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. We all love the outdoors, but sometimes we don't take the time to invest in the right equipment. The benefits of investing in the right hiking poles is worth...

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The 3 best portable solar panels

The 3 best portable solar panels

A lot of us can't escape it. Electrical appliances with you on holiday. Even if you're backpacking or going into the mountains, some of these devices are damn handy. That's why for many of us it's not really an option anymore to leave everything at home. But what do...

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Explore with your Drone

With a compact drone you can see the world in another way. And share these images and videos with others!

Always Energy on Demand

With a compact solar charger you will have a way to recharge during every trip!

Even during out hikes we bring more and more electronics, if not then most bring their phone for making pictures and keep in contact. For this reason we did a test on low cost portable solar chargers. See our top 3 and pick the best solar charger for backpacking and hiking!